Guests "Hello there...My name is Knives and I'm a student currently attending evil academy as a sophomore...I'm also the schools heir.....My current goal is to get new students to join the academy...If your interested in joining please contact me right away..."
  • Basic information .
  • Name: Knives .
  • Age: 1'866 (18)(looks 16 though)
  • Gender: girl .
  • Height: 5,3 or 160 cm .
  • Bust: 37 C -Kept under a binder shirt to make her look flat-
  • Weight: 124 pounds .
  • Birthday: October 9th .
  • Titles:Honor delinquent. .
  • Current level: 1,578 .
  • Weapon of choice: swords Follows the Knives-of-Evil-Academy tag A indie disgaea blog for my Oc Knives, May get borderline nsfw -will be tagged-. Also all pictures on the front page of the blog where not drawn by me, Check under art of Knives for the respective artists.
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Legendary Weapons ( Disgaea 4 )
Kusanagi, Rhongomiant, Gandiva,
Akerte, Mjolnir, & Kerykeion
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Disgaea 5

In the lead up to Disgaea 5‘s release next year, NIS has decided to open a site where players can submit ideas for names of NPC characters that will inhabit the main headquarters in the final game.

Specifically, NIS is keen on names for NPCs working in the equipment and item shops, as well as the hospital, and, more generally, Dimensional Guide-class Prinnies. In terms of the sorts of names the developer is looking for, NIS is on the hunt for ones that will either go well with the NPCs’ job, those with a childish/immature vibe, or cute, moe ones. No prize is attached to winning names beyond having them appear in the game, as no personally identifiable information is even requested on the first beyond senders’ first and last names. Those keen on submitting names have between October 20 and October 30 at 11:59 PM JST to send them in.

Disgaea 5 is set to come out March 26, 2015 for the PlayStation 4.

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All this talk about disabled magical girls and such is nice and all but…

You’re all forgetting who’s the real queen here:

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The best way to ruin a dumb protest is to join it badly

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sometimes i forget that she’s only 14…

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JoJo Goretober Day 16: Painful Transformation

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did I do it right..?

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44 Dio Brando Icons for Anon


All 100x100, all fanart.


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*heavy breathing* oh god

oooo oooooo o ooo  o ooh god

i  ive been googling dio and i found some 2014/2015 dio i cry a lot rn oh jesus

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Original art by Yamu

The permission for reprinting this picture has been granted by the original artist. Please don’t reprint this anywhere else and go to the original source to bookmark and rate them 8)

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Defense mechanism.