Guests Stats: currently pregnant "Hello there...My name is Knives and I'm a student currently attending evil academy as a sophomore...I'm also the schools heir.....My current goal is to get new students to join the academy...If your interested in joining please contact me right away..."
  • Basic information .
  • Name: Knives .
  • Age: 1'866 (18)(looks 16 though)
  • Gender: girl .
  • Height: 5,3 or 160 cm .
  • Bust: 37 C -Kept under a binder shirt to make her look flat-
  • Weight: 124 pounds .
  • Birthday: October 9th .
  • Titles:Honor delinquent. .
  • Current level: 1,578 .
  • Weapon of choice: swords Follows the Knives-of-Evil-Academy tag A indie disgaea blog for my Oc Knives, May get borderline nsfw -will be tagged-. Also all pictures on the front page of the blog where not drawn by me, Check under art of Knives for the respective artists.
Things You Should Never Say to a Lolita



"Isn’t it a bit early for Halloween?"

"Lolita is for pedophiles."

"What’s the costume for?"

"Hey Bo Peep, have you lost your sheep?"

"I want to cosplay Lolita, too!"

"What’s this for?"

"Are you in a play?"


Shine bright like a washed nintendog image

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