Guests "Hello there...My name is Knives and I'm a student currently attending evil academy as a sophomore...I'm also the schools heir.....My current goal is to get new students to join the academy...If your interested in joining please contact me right away..."
  • Basic information .
  • Name: Knives .
  • Age: 1'866 (18)(looks 16 though)
  • Gender: girl .
  • Height: 5,3 or 160 cm .
  • Bust: 37 C -Kept under a binder shirt to make her look flat-
  • Weight: 124 pounds .
  • Birthday: October 9th .
  • Titles:Honor delinquent. .
  • Current level: 1,578 .
  • Weapon of choice: swords Follows the Knives-of-Evil-Academy tag A indie disgaea blog for my Oc Knives, May get borderline nsfw -will be tagged-. Also all pictures on the front page of the blog where not drawn by me, Check under art of Knives for the respective artists.